Wall Decals – A New Way to Decorate your Home



Your home, a place of happiness and relaxation. When it needs a makeover, apart from repairs and renovation, wall decor is something very important. Your walls are a perfect canvas to be creative and make your home uniquely yours.

The market is full of traditional stuff like hangings, wallpapers, stencils etc. which can make your home look truly awesome. Apart from them what is trending and making waves is another product, Wall Decals, rising fast as the preferred choice to decorate your home. With the use of Wall Decals, you can get an effective solution for your home and can get to add a fresh new touch to your interior. A simple peel and stick solution to decorate your home better than any designer. 

What is Wall Decal?

Wall Decal is a self-adhesive, cut out vinyl sticker, used to affix to the wall or any smooth surface for interior decoration. Due to its versatile features, Wall Decal is also termed as Wall Sticker, Wall Tatoos, Wall Vinyl and more. The options to choose are virtually limitless, with use of wall decals, you can make your home interiors really unique according to your taste.

Why choose Wall Decal?

Wall decals are soon emerging as the latest trend of home decor in Indian market. With their unlimited range of designs, ease of application, reasonable cost and tasteful looks, they are fast replacing traditional and expensive decor items like wallpaper, hangings, stencils etc. Some points of comparison can be listed:

Wall Decal

  •         Easy to apply, apply it yourself in 15 mins.
  •         Cost effective ( starting from Rs. 300 ) and eco friendly.
  •         Easy to replace, and cost effective.
  •         Can NOT be applied on textured or uneven surfaces.
  •         Can NOT be a solution to hide the moisture or wall defect.



  •         Has to be applied by professional applicator.
  •         A single wall can cost somewhere around Rs. 5,000-15,000.
  •         Can hide moisture and wall defects.


Wall Stencils

  •         Gives the smudgy edges contrary to what you might be hoping for.
  •         Have to be applied by professional applicator.
  •         Can be used on walls, plain or textured, but not on glass.
  •         One Stencil work will cost around Rs. 2,000-10,000.
  •         Cannot be removed without painting the entire wall.

Where to Use?

Wall Decals are becoming a matter of choice to decorate your living room, kids rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, gyms etc With versatile collection of designs, durability and high quality, wall decals can satisfy the decor need of almost every type of interior theme.